Best Stocks, Crypto, and ETFs to Watch – Deere and Co., Zoom and Bitcoin in Focus

Best Stocks, Crypto, and ETFs to Watch – Deere and Co., Zoom and Bitcoin in Focus


Deere & Co. (DE) is projected to announce a profit of $3.87 per share on $10.57 billion in revenue in its pre-market report on Wednesday. Between March 2020's pandemic low and May 2021's all-time high of 400, the farm and construction machinery behemoth soared, fueled by rapidly rising agricultural prices and the transition to AI farming equipment, which will include driverless combines, pickers, strippers, scrapers, seeders, and harvesters.

Zoom Interactive Communications Inc. (ZM) was the hottest stock in the momentum market of 2020, skyrocketing to new heights as employees were compelled to lock down and conduct business remotely. The company's stock has decreased 57 percent since October 2020 as a result of increased competition and the removal of those limitations. Despite this, it has returned an amazing 369 percent since the beginning of 2020. After the closing bell on Monday, the corporation will release its profits.

In the United States, Black Friday kicks off the Christmas season in 2021, with merchants providing big deals to attract foot traffic and eyes. The earnings report from Best Buy Co. (BBY) on Tuesday will provide a glimpse into sales projections, which have been challenged by widespread supply problems. However, we observed during third-quarter reports that excellent firms are overcoming these challenges, while bad ones are utilizing them as an excuse for poor performance.


Last week, Bitcoin took a battering, falling about 12% to a 5-week low. More crucially, the drop resulted in a failed breakthrough above the April high of 65,895, raising concerns that the crypto king is building a bearish double top pattern. Many double tops, on the other hand, produce stronger bullish patterns, so let's take a seat and watch whether the instrument can establish support above the September swing high of 53,000, perhaps signaling the last leg of a cup and handle breakout.


At the start of November, the iShares Russell-2000 Index Fund ETF (IWM) broke out over 7-month symmetrical triangle resistance, rising to an all-time high of 244.46 just 8 days later. Since then, it's been falling back, and it's currently reaching breakthrough support between 230 and 232. As a result, the decrease is expected to provide a low-risk purchasing opportunity ahead of rising prices in 2022. With favorable small-cap seasonality in effect through the end of March, the timing couldn't be better.

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