New Features are Available for X Open Hub

New Features are Available for X Open Hub

X Open Hub has released a new version of its X Open Hub Insider. Additional deposit options and features, as well as optimizations and five new languages, are among the new additions.

New upgrades to tabs linked with the most traded assets on the market were also disclosed by the company. X Open Hub also enhanced its desktop and mobile platforms' overall user experience.

The company has added new icons for each instrument, as well as improvements to the hots tab on the mobile platform. It has also upgraded the sentiments tab and introduced a new hots tab to the desktop version.

In keeping with the company's global expansion, a few more languages have been introduced, including Korean, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

In the near future, X Open Hub intends to integrate numerous additional languages. In response to customer requests, the platform has added four more currencies to the xManager panel: AMD (Armenian dram), AZN (Azerbaijani manat), LKR (Sri Lankan Rupee), and INR (Indian rupee) (Indian rupee). X Open Hub also stated that it will be expanding its portfolio in the near future.

Sylwester Jezierski, marketing manager of X Open Hub, remarked in a recent interview:

We've also significantly enhanced the usability of our trading platforms. We improved our desktop and mobile platforms by adding plenty of new features and functionality.