These Are The Best Robinhood Stocks To Buy Or Watch Now

These Are The Best Robinhood Stocks To Buy Or Watch Now

Purchasing a stock appears to be simple, but buying the appropriate stock at the right moment without a proven plan is extremely difficult. So, which Robinhood stocks should you purchase right now or add to your watchlist?

Alphabet (GOOGL), Airbnb (ABNB), and Walmart (WMT) are the top performers right now. These stocks, unlike meme stocks like GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC), offer a good balance of fundamental and technical performance.

On the NYSE and Nasdaq, thousands of equities are traded. However, in order to make significant gains, you must locate the best. Investors should look for Robinhood stocks that offer a mix of profits and stock market performance.

The CAN SLIM system provides explicit instructions on what to look for. Invest in stocks that have had at least a 25% increase in earnings in the last quarter and year. Look for businesses that have ground-breaking new goods and services. Consider firms that aren't yet profitable but are growing rapidly in sales, such as recent IPOs.

The Market Is Key When Buying Robinhood Stocks

The M, which stands for the market, is an important aspect of the CAN SLIM formula. Even the greatest stocks, on average, follow the market's direction. When the stock market is in a verified upswing, invest, and when the stock market is in a downturn, go to cash.

The stock market appears to have recovered from a stumbling block caused by inflation fears and concerns over the spread of the delta version of the coronavirus.

After breaking through strong resistance, the market is now back in an uptrend. A tailwind has been rising energy and metals prices. Higher Treasury rates have benefited many financials while hurting growth firms, but the market has held up well.

After another solid week, the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 are all at record highs and far clear of the crucial 50-day moving average. Investors should be aware that indices are at risk of being overbought.

The market has resumed its proven upward trend. Keep in mind that in the early stages of a new upswing, the strongest stocks tend to have their best price runs. The transition from "market in decline" to "proven upswing" usually takes only a few days or weeks.

It's a fantastic opportunity to buy equities that are fundamentally sound and are breaking out of solid chart patterns. The stocks listed below might be good prospects.

Best Robinhood Stocks To Buy Or Watch

Let's take a closer look at Google stock, Airbnb stock, and Walmart stock. The fact that these stocks are fundamentally sound and have a high level of institutional ownership is a significant factor to consider.

They're also among the Robinhood Top 100 Stocks, which are the most popular among traders on the site.

Google Stock

Following good earnings, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has broken out of a flat base and is now in the buy zone. According to MarketSmith's research, the best purchase position is 2,925.18. It has a maximum actionable value of 3,071.44.

The relative strength line is now hovering slightly below all-time highs.

GOOGL has an IBD Composite Rating of 97, which is near-perfect. This places it in the top 3% of all stocks monitored. With an EPS Rating of 98 out of 99, earnings outperform stock market performance.

Over the last three quarters, earnings have increased by an average of 123 percent. This is about five times the 25% growth rate that CAN SLIM investors were hoping for.

Analysts predict Google's profits per share to increase by 103 percent in 2021, and then by another 5% in 2022, according to analysts.

The tech behemoth has an 88 Relative Strength Rating. In terms of price performance, it has outperformed 88 percent of stocks monitored over the last 12 months.

Google's stock has risen more than 66 percent so far in 2021, indicating a good recent performance. This outperforms the S&P 500's gain of less than 24%.

Lately, big money has begun buying Alphabet shares once more. Its Accumulation/Distribution Rating of B-, which suggests modest purchasing over the previous 13 weeks, reflects this.

Alphabet, on the other hand, launched a fresh $50 billion GOOGL stock purchase in April. Google disclosed a change to its share repurchase agreement during its June quarter results conference, allowing the corporation to acquire either class A or class C shares.

Alphabet released its third-quarter earnings late on October 26. Earnings per share (EPS) increased by 71% to $27.99, including gains on stock investments. In the quarter ended Sept. 30, gross sales increased by 41% to $65.12 billion.

Google was expected to make $23.73 per share on $63.5 billion in revenue, according to analysts.

Internet search and other income increased by 44% to $37.93 billion, compared to $36.41 billion expected. Google reported a 45 percent increase in cloud computing income to $4.99 billion, compared to projections of $5.17 billion. Despite the revenue shortfall, Google Cloud reduced its operating loss to $644 million, nearly halving it.

YouTube ad income increased by 43% to $7.2 billion. YouTube ad income was predicted to reach $7.42 billion by analysts.

While Google has grown into cloud computing and consumer products, its primary source of revenue remains digital advertising. In early March, Google stated that it will no longer use web browser tracking technologies to sell advertising. Google had previously said that third-party cookies will be phased out.

Google intends to use "contextual" technology, which allows marketers to target aggregated groups of customers that share common interests such as travel, sports, or fashion.

Airbnb Stock

On good earnings, IBD Leaderboard stock Airbnb soared through a 177.06 purchase target within a new flat base within a wider consolidation. Investors, on the other hand, might utilize the 190 post-earnings breakout gap up price as an entry point. You aim to acquire shares as near to that price as feasible when it advances past that level with this technique.

Another possibility is to check whether ABNB stock can be used to create a handle for its massive cup base.

Though it appears to be taking a post-earnings breather, the stock's relative strength line is beginning to look robust again. It's critical that this essential metric, which compares a stock's performance to that of the S&P 500, continues to improve.

Airbnb has released its latest earnings, which exceeded Wall Street's expectations. On revenue of $2.28 billion, adjusted profits of $1.22 per share were reported. According to FactSet, analysts projected Airbnb to announce earnings of 72 cents per share and revenue of $2.06 billion.

Leisure and travel companies are receiving increasing interest as global travel restrictions soften and Covid vaccines rise.

As the fledgling firm seeks to expand, its overall performance is not optimal. However, its IBD Composite Rating has recently improved significantly, reaching 69 out of 99. The stock market is also improving, with the ABNB stock up roughly 31% since the beginning of the year.

The stock has also attracted the attention of institutional investors. The I in CAN SLIM means for Institutional Sponsorship, therefore this is crucial.

The stock now has a B- Accumulation/Distribution Rating. Over the last 13 weeks, institutions have been buying in a moderate amount. It has increased fund ownership for two quarters in a row, with funds now holding 33 percent of the shares.

The coronavirus epidemic threw Airbnb's initial public offering preparations into disarray. Not only was the economy in the United States difficult, but the tourist industry was particularly badly hit.

Airbnb, like airlines, hotels, and vacation booking sites, had a dreadful second quarter in 2020. Sales were down 72 percent from the same time last year.

Despite this, the business made an initial public offering (IPO) in December, raising $3.5 billion. This was well beyond forecasts, making it the year's biggest IPO. On its first day of trade, Airbnb shares jumped by triple digits.

Covid cases are dropping along with numerous limitations as travel appears to be resuming.

In the aftermath of earnings announcements, online travel firms Booking Holdings (BKNG) and Expedia (EXPE) both broke out on Friday. Hotel stocks have also been performing well.

Airbnb began offering travel packages, dubbed Airbnb Adventures, in 2019. The cost of the packages varies greatly based on the length and location of the excursion. They include activities such as a Yukon river expedition or a Kenyan bush stroll.

Walmart Stock

For the time being, WMT Stock should be added to one's watchlist. Retail stocks have been in a year-long disappointment with a 153.76 purchase point, but they've just picked up momentum.

WMT's relative strength line has been falling for months, which is a negative for the company. The RS line compares the performance of a stock to that of the S&P 500.

The stock's EPS Rating of 77 indicates that earnings have been respectable, but not exceptional.

According to the IBD Stock Checkup, EPS growth has averaged 20% over the last three quarters. This is just short of the 25% growth target set by the CAN SLIM elite.

Walmart's earnings are expected to increase by 16 percent in 2021 and by 5% in 2022.

However, the company's Q3 earnings are due to be released on Nov. 16, which might be a possible trigger.

The use of options as a technique to decrease risk surrounding profits is one approach highlighted by Investor's Business Daily. It's a strategy for maximizing the upside potential of a stock's earnings movement while minimizing the negative risk.

Walmart began hiring for the holiday season in late September and expects to hire 150,000 new employees.

Walmart expected EPS of $6.20-6.35 for the entire year when it last reported earnings, compared to an earlier forecast of an increase in the "high single digits."

According to FactSet, this was better than experts had expected. In fiscal 2022, profits increased by 9.5 percent to $6.00. Walmart expects earnings per share of $1.30-$1.40 in the third quarter, which is higher than analysts' expectations of $1.32.

The Dow Jones retail behemoth has recently announced a fresh $20 billion buyback program as well as an increase in its quarterly dividend to $2.20 per share from $2.16.

Walmart stock is rated a buy by CFRA analyst Arun Sundaram, who has a price objective of 167. He expects the firm to do well in the future.

In an Oct. 30 research note, he stated, "We increased our view to buying from hold on because we believe markets are underappreciating the breadth/depth of investments WMT is undertaking to produce higher, sustainable profits growth post-Covid."