Founded in: 2014
Headquarters in: Dubai, UAE

B2Broker was founded in 2014 by a team of IT professionals. Initially founded as a company to provide technology solutions for companies already operating in the forex market, B2Broker Ltd now intends to carve a niche in the market as a liquidity provider, with the intention of servicing market operators in the Middle East, Japan and China. This move was borne out of the desire to enable smaller companies and brokerage businesses which may not have the leverage to access liquidity from the top tier providers, to be able to source such liquidity from B2Broker.

B2Broker FX Solutions

B2Broker provides forex market services at two levels. B2Broker is a liquidity provider, and provides forex market trading technology to its clients.

Liquidity Provision

B2Broker is a price aggregator and liquidity pool provider. Through its proprietary OCX (Open Currency Exchange) platform, traders have access to a wide and diverse pool of liquidity. B2Broker’s OCX aggregates various forex market participants into a single liquidity network. B2Broker not only provides liquidity for forex, but also liquidity for cryptocurrencies. Thus, clients of B2Broker are able to offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Namecoin and Peercoin with a swap-free margin of 33%. Here are some features of B2Broker liquidity offering:

  • Access to 20 levels of market depth.
  • Ability to place orders at any level of the book.
  • Access to 9 assets classes, featuring more than 1,500 underlying assets such as currencies, metals, energy, indices, stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.
  • Several channels of liquidity linkup, such as the use of FIX API for DMA Liquidity access are available. This enables a market maker guarantee the best price quotes and spreads for its clients.

FOREX Technology

B2Broker is able to provide technology solutions that enable its clients launch a complete end-to-end forex brokerage business. These include solutions which do the following:

  • Trader’s Rooms.
  • PAMM and MAM services.
  • Cloud-based CRM.
  • Tools for signal providers.
  • Cloud B2Bridge Gateway for MT5.
  • Brokerage company licensing and registration.
  • Trading software to enable clients of retail brokers trade the forex market.
  • Web-based API for MT4/MT5.
  • Plugins.
  • Direct market access liquidity.
  • MT4 and MT5 White Label.
  • Trade server maintenance.
  • Connection/integration of payment systems.
  • Corporate and segregated bank account opening for brokers.

B2Broker has been able to form strategic partnerships with other technology stakeholders in the forex market such as Microsoft and Metaquotes, to deliver several unique and ready-made solutions to enable companies launch their forex businesses and make them competitive in a short time.

B2Broker is presently working on a solution to integrate PAMM/MAM/Social trading services with MT5.

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    Main Advantages
  • Access 20 levels of market depth
  • Currencies, metals, energy, indices, stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies
  • Ability to place orders at any levels of the book

Supported Instruments


Most Popular Products

Forex Liquidity

The deepest liquidity pool in the FOREX market.

Crypto Derivatives/CFD Liquidity

Incomparable Crypto CFD solution with deepest liquidity pool in the industry.

ETFs Liquidity

The most requested ETF CFD contracts in the market.

Metals Liquidity

Reliable liquidity for the Spot Metals market.

Equities Liquidity

A diverse liquidity pool for the Equity CFDs market.

Cash Indices Liquidity

The most popular instruments from the Cash Indices market.


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